Strawberry Weddings and Events

Owner and Founder

Hi, I'm Dayna Viglietti

Hi, I’m Dayna Viglietti owner of Dayna Viglietti Weddings; born and bred Capetonian, mother to my first fur baby, a very naughty chocolate lab and a carb lover (married to an Italian.) I have been working in the wedding industry for over 10 years. Weddings are my absolute passion! I love everything about weddings and wedding planning and will ensure your BIG day is every bit as special as it should be. I go out of my way to plan the perfect day for my bride to be. Once upon a time I was a bride myself, I understand first-hand what my bridal clients go through and will ensure your BIG day is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Allow me to assist in creating your perfect love story.

The experience that Dayna Viglietti has comes from countless corporate event planning through her Italian family heritage being the importers of Ferrari and Maserati in South Africa owning Viglietti Motors (now known as Scuderia Ferrari). Dayna handled large events on an international scale to the most sort after weddings. With this experience it allows Dayna Viglietti and her team to offer a broad service to all their clients, ensuring they have the capabilities to handle any request. Dayna Viglietti, founder of Strawberry Weddings and Events comes from a successful Italian family that use to own Viglietti Motors, they were the first family business in South Africa to own the Ferrari import agency. Dayna Viglietti knows first-hand about luxury client service and decided to create her own family wedding planning business alongside her mother Cheryl Church. Your wedding is a once and a lifetime event where everything needs to be perfect on the day to capture memories that will be shared with your family and friends for a lifetime. I was a bride myself, I accept nothing less than perfect for your special day and treat each and every wedding like it is my own. Strawberry Weddings and Events is a mother-daughter team who specialise in tailor-making your wedding day to your every need. Our team is not just a service that you pay, it’s about building a relationship with you, ensuring complete trust with the one special day you will cherish forever.

Wedding and event coordinator

Hi, I'm Cheryl Church

The mama bear of our SWE team, Cheryl’s hands-on assistance during all our weddings and events with her on the day coordination services as well as décor styling set up & break down services.

Wedding assistant coordinator

Hi, I'm Janine Lewis

Janine Lewis is the Sorella of our SWE team. Sorella means sister in Italian. Janine and Dayna work alongside each other ensuring each and every wedding is set up and coordinated to perfection.